Player of the Week

The following players are those that were selected as 'Player of the Week' throughout the 2019 season.

We congratulate them on their nominations.

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Round 10

Tom McCarthy

Under 13s

Our 'Player of the Week' for Round 10 is Tom McCarthy

On a day where it was hard to play serious committed footy due to the conditions and after a three week lay-off, Tom stood out with his best on ground performance.

This is Tom's second nomination for the year although they have each been for separate reasons.

Congratulations Tom - Is there going to be a third nomination this season?



Round 9

Under 12s 50 Game Players

Our 'Players of the Week' for Round 9 are a group of players from our Under 12s team who all celebrated their 50th game today.

It's always an occasion when a player plays his 50th game but we can't recall ever before having four players from the one team on the same day achieving their first milestone.

We congratulate Ben Millar, Zachary Wong, Luca Mallamaci and Harrison Millar on reaching their first milestone and look forward to their 100 game one.

Congratulations Guys.



Round 8

Florian Gursansky

Under 10s

Our 'Player of the Week' for Round 8 is Florian Gursansky

Florian is in his third year with the Falcons and already established himself as a genuine 'gun' player.

Florian doesn't seem able to play an ordinary game but his effort today was one out the box. Easily best on ground.

Congratulations Florian we will watch your development as an elite player with interest.



Round 7

Floyd DiNicolantonio - Under 14s

Jarred Smith - Under 15s

Greg Kerdemelidis - Under 15s

Liam Jaksch - Under 15s

Our 'Players of the Week' for the fourth round are a group of players from our Under 14s and Under 15s teams who all achieved their 100 game milestone on the same day.

These guys are just the second group of players to achieve the magic 100 game milestone for this season.

Very few players achieve this milestone such is the level of commitment required.

To have four players arrive at their milestone on the same day is something that's never happened to us before. We congratulate them on their achievement.



Round 6

Liam Cullen

Kieran Soesanto

Under 12s

Our 'Players of the Week' for the fourth round are Kieran Soesanto and Liam Cullen from our Under 12s team.

We normally don't nominate 50 game milestone players as our 'Players of the Week' but as well as achieving their milestones they played really well and that is the main reason for their nominations.

Congratulations on what is hopefully just the first of many milestones and for the great games you played.



Round 4

Ben Carlisle

Harley Inglis

Under 15s

Our 'Players of the Week' for the fourth round are Ben Carlisle and Harley Inglis from the Under 15s

Ben and Harley are the first of our players to achieve the magic 100 game milestone for this season.

Very few players achieve this milestone such is the level of commitment required.

Congratulations Guys - hopefully there are many more games still to come.



Round 3

Anthony Louey

Under 8s

Our 'Player of the Week' for the third round is Anthony Louey from the Under 8s team.

This young player is going to be a 'Gun'

Playing in just his third game of competitive footy it is already obvious that Anthony posses an extensive range of skills and is blessed with a huge amount of natural ability.

Easily the best player on the ground in this week's match.

Congratulations Anthony, we can't wait to see the champion player we are sure you will become.



Round 1

Tom McCarthy

Under 13s

Our player of the first week of football activities for 2019 is Tom McCarthy of the Under 13s Team.

'Young Tommy' has always been one his team's premier players and this week he again demonstrated his enormous ability in arguably another 'Best on Ground' performance.

For the past year or so, Tommy has been a member of AFL club Collingwood's NGA - Next Generation Academy.

The NGA is a special program run by a number of AFL clubs where they take gifted players and put them through their special training

Congratulations Tommy, we look forward to more of the same in 2019 and a Collingwood jumper in the not too distant future.











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