Player of the Week

The following players are those that were selected as 'Player of the Week' throughout the 2017 season.

We congratulate them on their nominations.

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Grand Final Sunday

Under 12s Premiers 2017

Under 13s Premiers 2017

Our final "Players of the Week" nominations for 2017 are our complete Under 12s and Under 13s teams - winners of their respective premierships for this year.

Premierships don't come around very often and these guys should be immensely proud of their achievements.

We congratulate them on their fantastic efforts and await the arrival of the 2018 season and look forward to seeing these guys perform in their new (higher) gradings.



Preliminary Final Sunday

Dex Kelly of the U13s Team

After a disapointing day last week when they were narrowly beaten, the Under 13s brought their usual skillfull game to the match and were able to convincingly better their opponent.

One of the architects of their victory was wingman - Dex Kelly

Dex was a thorn in their opponent's side all day but it was a thorn they powerless to do anything about.

Dex was largely responsible for the major portion of his team score.

The Under 13s now advance to the Grand Final and hopefully Dex has a similar emphasis on that game as he did today.

A magnificent effort Dex, let's hope you and the rest of the guys play a similar game next Sunday.



Semi Finals Sunday

The Under 12s Team

The Under 12s became the first of our teams to win their way through to the 2017 Grand Final.

Our Under 12s are a highly talented team - a team where everyone plays his part and contributes.

In the two years they have been playing competitive footy they have hardly lost a game and already have a premiership to their name.

In addition to playing in this year's Grand Final this team has also won its way into Gold division for 2018

A magnificent effort guys but there is still a game to win!



Round 14

Aaron Zammit

Aaron today became one of the few players to have played 100 games of competitive football.

Aaron joined our club at the start of the 2016 season after transferring from the Narre Warren Magpies and has quickly established himself as an important member of our club.

Aaron is a prime contributor for his team and his presence will be enjoyed in the, about to start, finals series.

Well done Aaron! We look forward to many more games with the Falcons.



Round 13

Michael Van benten

The Under 12s key forward.

Those associated with our Under 12s would be aware that Michael is having an outstanding season.

Michael represents a real focal point at full forward and is always a danger to opposing teams.

Like the rest of his team mates, he generally saves his best for the last term

Congratulations Michael and good luck in the finals.



Round 12

Akio Wongko

The Under 11s Rock at Centre Half Back.

He might be small for the key defensive position but the way he plays it makes him look very tall.

Some players are naturals in the position they play and so it is with Akio.

Akio plays with an understanding of exactly what is required and executes it perfectly.

A unanimous choice for this week's nomination.



Round 11

50 Gamers

Round 11 was a pretty busy day as we had no less than 5 players celebrating their 50th game.

It's not often that we get such a large number of players reaching their 50 game milestone on the same day - in fact it probably has never happened.

We Congratulate James Boussounis, Parker Rush, Liam Corr, Zac Olsson and Lachie McNeill on reaching their milestone and trust that their 100 game one will come up in no time.

Well doneGuys! We look forward to your 100th game.



Round 10

Sam Harberts

The Under 10s General in defence.

We know that the Under 10s have more than their fair share of talented players - most have been featured on our site, but this year has seen the enmergence of another - Sam Harberts.

Sam is the key to his team's backline, he is virtually unpassable and seems like a General the way he can turn defence into attack.

Well done Sam! You have the makings of a wonderful defender.



Round 9

Jack Silvagni - Former Player -

This week's award is a little unusual in that it goes to a former player.

Carlton's Jack Silvagni and former Falcon was named the Round's "Rising Star"

We congratulate Jack on his achievements with the Blues and feel just a little proud that he came from our club.

Well done Jack - your career is bound to be a long one - which we shall follow with interest.



Round 8

Dusty Gunton

Dusty today became one of the few Falcons players who have played 100 games with our club.

Dusty is just one of 6 players who has the chance of achieving the 100 game milestone this season.

Dusty appears to have 'improved with age' and is now one of the important cogs in the U15s machine.

Well done Dusty! There's still plenty of time to boost this figure.



Round 7

Lachlan Williams

The Under 10s excitement machine.

Like most of his team mates, there isn't much of him but what he does have in huge quantities is an ability to run.

Completely lacking in fear and with silky skills to go with his abundant pace make Lachie an excellent footballer.

Well done Lachie! You have a very big future in our great game!



Round 6

Mitchell Kane

Mitchell today joined the ranks of Falcons players who have played 100 games with our club.

Only a few players ever achieve this milestone and Mitch is one of the few who played every single one of his games with our club.

Along the way he has featured in various club awards including being named his team's Best & Fairest in the Under 11s in 2012

Well done Mitch! There's still plenty more to come.



Round 5 - Under 8s day

Ben Cullen

Ben is a perfect example of the saying - "Good things come in small packages."

Bill may be small but he has an enormous heart and is absolutely fearless.

A real terrier when the ball is on the ground - which it usually is in the Under 8s.

Well Done Ben! Courage personified.



Round 4

Will Hart

Like last week's 'Player of the Week,' Will has been here before.

Will has always been a gifted player since he joined us in the Under 8s - seemingly always able to do the spectacular and turn the game in the Falcon's favour. Today was no exception with his blinding run through the centre in the third quarter.

Well Done Will! We look forward to many more of your displays.



Round 3

Kynan Brown

Last week it was Ryder, this week it's his brother Kynan.

Kynan is no stranger to this part of our site and although we do try to share it around, his performance in today's game was so outstanding - he just couldn't be ignored.

Well Done Kynan! We suspect this won't be the last time he is featured here.



Round 2

Ryder Brown

The younger brother of Under 12s player - Kynan in just his second year of club footy, gave us a glimpse of what a fine player he is becoming.

Ryder is showing enormous improvement on his Under 8s form and demonstrates that he has inherited the family ability.

Well Done Ryder!



Round 1

Nick Samolyk & Jay Mackenzie

After waiting all summer - stranded on 99 games, Nick and Jay finally achieved their 100 games milestones.

In so doing, they join our other century players who are mentioned on our honour board.

Only a few players ever achieve this milestone and Nick and Jay are to be congratulated in doing so.

Well done Guys!








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