Under 8s - Blue Team Awards 2017

Best & Fairest – Florian Gursansky

Florian had an outstanding first year with the Falcons.

A very competitive kid, Florian was the most consistent and versatile player within the U8 Blue team.

Not only is Florian the biggest player on the team, he also has great running capacity and a massive will to get to a contest. Florian moves really well across the ground, has a long (and accurate) right foot, an ability to handball on both sides, can land and break tackles, and is strong overhead.  Florian’s ability to stay on his feet in the contest and ‘never give up’ attitude helped him win many possessions for his team.

Florian is also an unselfish player who shared the ball around, hitting his targets, and someone who loves to celebrate the success of his teammates.

A player to keep an eye on into the future – he is a gun!



Equal Runner Up Best & Fairest –
Fabian Libertone

It was great to have Fabian in a Falcons jumper this year after he took a year off from Auskick in 2016. He is a ripping player, but more importantly a ripping kid to have in the team.

Another strong competitor, Fabian has a great ability to read the play. Throughout a number of games he played an important intercepting role for the team and managed to record many rebound possessions. He is one of those boys that is happy to take on the responsibility of doing that extra bit of hard work to help his team get over the line.

Fabian also has some great footy skills, particularly a strong kick that got better as the year progressed. His skills and read of the play are important to this playing group and I am confident he will continue to play a critical role in this team for years to come.


Equal Runner Up Best & Fairest –
Mitchell Crooks

Mitchell is the most courageous and fearless player in this team.

He attacks the contest really hard and seeing him hit the loose ball at pace is a joy to watch.

He is a passionate footballer who isn’t afraid to get stuck into a game to help influence the outcome. I only had to say to Mitchell ‘we need to get our hands on the footy first’ to know that he would do everything he could to achieve that outcome (and more often than not he would get the ball).

However, the real positive about Mitchell in 2017 is how he responded to some feedback in the early rounds. He took that advice on extremely well and had an excellent second half of the season.

I look forward to watching Mitchell in future years as his skills grow and that hunger for the contest sees him win many possessions for the Falcons.



Equal Runner Up Best & Fairest –

Jonathan Millar

While Jonny might have been the youngest player on the U8s roster, as a coach I knew he was also one of those kids who was ready to take on the challenge

A fierce competitor on the football field, I am grateful that we had Jonny on our team because his game face would make any opposition player tremble.

He couples this hunger to compete with excellent overall skills. Jonny has a very accurate and strong left foot, which was a weapon for us on a number of occasions. But it doesn’t stop there as he can do all the fundamentals really well – tackle, mark, handball and bounce (just check out the Falcons photo gallery for the evidence).

Jonny was prepared to get the ball to his teammates on a number of occasions and really gave us great use of the football when he did.
Watch this kid in future years – he can play!



Third Best & Fairest – Ben Cullen

Ben epitomises the Mark Twain quote “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.

What he might lack in size Ben more than makes up for with heart. An absolute competitor on the football field, he left a few teams scratching their heads as to how they should neutralise young Ben. A fierce tackler and contested ball player, he plays that inside game really well and isn’t afraid to have a run on the outside either.

Ben also brings a great positive attitude to all things to do with football, making him one of the most popular players in the U8s.

Ben is a joy to coach and another to watch in years to come. His tenacity and passion will ensure he gets everything he can out of the talent he has.



Coach’s Award – Remy Spalding

Remy is one of those players you love having in the team. A highly skilful player, Remy has a natural awareness and ability to use the ball. He can kick, handball, mark, tackle and lead up extremely well for an U8. These skills allowed him to have a positive influence in each game and saw him poll strongly in the B&F even though he missed 5 matches.

Remy is also a player that shows a great ability to listen and learn at training. He brings great focus and effort, which has resulted in him developing his game even further. Then when it comes to game day Remy is active with his voice during the match and quarter time breaks. He is always getting around his teammates and providing great encouragement.

I look forward to seeing what he does in future years when he can squeeze out a full season for the Falcons.



Most Improved Player – Thomas Allen

Within this age group in junior footy the improvement across the playing group is significant for all players, which is best demonstrated by Thomas Allen in 2017.

When I think about Thomas as a player during Auskick and then reflect on his U8s campaign at the Falcons the contrast is stark. Thomas demonstrated a great ability to apply pressure from the get go. But through the course of 2017 Thomas demonstrated great leadership at training with his listening and learning, which resulted in a marked improvement in his overall ball skills.

As the season progressed it was great to watch his confidence grow. With this confidence we saw Thomas starting to win more of his own ball, including some great passages where he ran with ball in hand and delivered it lace out to his teammates.

Thomas will continue to be an important member of this group in years to come.


All Comments by Ben Gursansky - Under 8s Blue Team coach, 2017







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