Under 8s - Red Team Awards 2017

Best & Fairest – Lucas Stackwood-Smith

Lucas is a quiet and unassuming young kid and I was lucky enough to coach Lucas in Auskick and saw some early signs of the talent.

Lucas is a highly skilled player and already pack marks, ''no look' handballs like 'the bont' and has a great weapon with a long raking left foot.

He had an outstanding first year with the Falcons and developed his game to find his own ball, gather contested possessions and was ferocious with the tackling.  Great team player and on a few occasions Lucas sacrificed his own game to play a more defensive shut down role for the team. Importantly Lucas loves the game and has a real passion for ball sports that he shares with his supportive Mum, Dad and brother. Lucas has developed some great friendships within the team and was always at training willing to listen and learn.



Runner Up Best & Fairest – Toby Soesanto

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to coach Toby this year.

Toby has some great role models with his older brother Kieran playing at Falcons and his parents always willing to support and lend a hand. Toby has a natural competitive instinct and is also a natural athlete. He runs like 'Mo Farah' and carries the ball across zones, he is also an exceptional tackler, team player, and gathers many contested possessions. Toby has many great friends in the team and again was one of the teams best contributors at the training sessions. He has a real thirst for knowledge and is always willing to learn.



Third Best & Fairest – Guy Jobson

Guy  has a real edge about him that I truly enjoyed coaching this year.

He never takes a backward step (despite his size) and often the more physical the contest the more he thrives. He is a tough contested ball player and is exceptional in feeding the ball out to his team mates.

Guy has a real passion for the game (and the Tigers) and is often with the ball in his hand practising his foot and hand skills and 'dusty don't argues'.


Coach’s Award – Lachlan Harberts

Lachlan had a great first year in U8's. He has developed a real passion for the game and now regularly plays at school.

Lachlan is a great team player and unfortunately as the coaches son was shunted to fill holes for most of the year. Lachy has natural defensive instinct and so often I used Lachlan to shut down some the oppositions prime movers.

He his a physical player and uses his body well to out position the opposition. Often during the game Lachlan would have 2-3 players hanging off him and still get the handpass or kick away.

The most impressive attribute for Lachlan and the other award winners is their willingness to listen, learn and want to improve.



Most Improved Player – Issa Saad

Issa has a gentle nature about him, until he crosses the white line, then he tackles, gets up and tackles and then tackles some more.

I struggled to subdue his passion and physicality this year, as sometimes we need to promote our raw skills despite the ages.

His natural physicality will hold Issa in good stead when he gets older and I look forward to seeing his foot & hand skills develop to a new level.

The Saad name has great heritage in the AFL/VFL and hopefully Issa is on a similar path to his highly skilled cousins.


All comments by David Harberts - Under 8s Red Team coach - 2017







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