Under 9s - Team Awards 2017

Best & Fairest – Ryder Brown

Last year Ryder was working his way in to footy finishing off the year strongly.

This year he really hit the ground running, growing in confidence and as an all-round footballer as the weeks went on. Although our youngest player, his ability to read the play, win the ball, run, carry and deliver it with both hand and foot – makes him, at 8 yo, a terrific all-round player and a pleasure to Coach


Runner Up Best & Fairest – Jarred Costanzo

I would never have imagined using the word sublime to describe the skill and poise of an 8 yo playing footy. but Jarred has all the attributes of a player with an incredible future. When he gets the ball (which is often), his ability to remain balanced and deliver a short, long…and sometimes banana kick to hit any target he chooses – is nothing short of “ahead of his time”. Imagine what he could do when he learns to use his left foot?

Again, a delight to coach, a competitive beast and am very happy he is on our side as I would hate to play against him.


Third Best & Fairest – Talan Hooper

Talan is the talented footballer that every team should have one of.

His ability to scrap, win the ball inside the packs, but then be able to accelerate, bounce and kick long like a seasoned outside player is the stuff that talent scouts look far and wide for.

He has the desperation to win that only some are born with, and the willingness to work hard in games (not so much at training….) making him a player who is only going to get better and better.

Fresh off the back of a dominant year last year, he again finds himself in the votes for 2017


Coach's Award - Kingsley Draper

Although it is rare in new players, every coach would love to have players in their team who have a footy obsession. It is this obsession that drives them to express themselves, learn from mistakes, celebrate the successes and ultimately become strong leaders.

There is no example greater than that of this year’s award winner. Whether it is struggling to sleep before the game playing the following day’s game out in his mind, or whether it is spending many hours in his backyard night after night practicing his left-foot, this guy has it all.

Starting the year as a player never having played the game, driven by his obsession, he finished the year as one of best on-ball, outside ball carriers with the best non-dominant kick in the team.


Most Improved Player – James Ferris

Another new player to the Greythorn Falcons this year, this player spent the first 2/3rds of the year working out the game, getting to know the other kids, and working on the basic skills that the footy players need to play the game. However, it was the last 4-5 games where the penny dropped, he took off, and how inspiring it was to see/coach.

From the moment we discussed the plan to prepare for U10s and ground positions – he made that position his own. He was the first to volunteer for the role and for the next 4 weeks stuck to it, embraced it and got better and better each week.

Playing, arguably, one of the hardest positions on the ground not only for skills, but responsibility and pressure, his application to the role was well above any expectations I had.

What this has meant is that I can now be comforted in the fact that we can go in to the new U10 season at least knowing I have a strong Full Back

All comments by Andrew Millar - Falcons Under 9s coach 2017







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