League Best & Fairest Counting


Falcons players invited to YJFL Presentation Evening


Like the Brownlow medal in the AFL, our league also has a similar arrangement of awards for its Best and Fairest players.

As is done in the AFL, the votes are awarded by the umpires and submitted to the League each week.

Votes are awarded to the three best players in each game on a 3,2,1 basis.

There is a separate award for each division in each age group beginning with the Under 11s.

The winners of each award are announced at a special evening in the week leading up to the Grand Finals.

All players who have polled strongly in their voting are invited to attend the function.

Generally it's the top ten in each division who receive invitations.

Obviously, to be invited is an achievement in itself as it signifies that a player has had an excellent season and is one of the League's top players.

This year, nine players from our club have received invitations and consequently are in the running for an award.



(Players invited - top to bottom)

Charlotte Herlihy from our Under 12 Girls

Amelie Jessop from our Under 12 Girls

Kaitlin Furlong from our Under 12 Girls

Will Hart from our Under 12s

Josh Millar from our Under 12s

Akio Wongko from our Under 13s

Roman Didelis from our Under 13s

Ollie Purcell from our Under 14s

Sam Woods from our Under 15s


Ollie Purcell and Sam Wood's efforts in being invited warrant special mention as both these guys have had very interrupted seasons due to injury resulting in them both missing quite a few games. In spite of this however, they have still collected enough votes to be invited.

Similarly, Kaitlin Furlong has missed a number of games yet still has collected enough votes to be a contender.

Our club congratulates these players on their wonderful seasons and looks forward to many more in our newly formed arrangement with Balwyn.


Results of Voting

In the actual count, three of our players received an award as a result of their stellar seasons.

The players who were successful (top to bottom in adjoining photo) are:

Akio Wongko - Under 13s - Equal Third Best and Fairest

Roman Didelis - Under 13s - Equal Runner Up Best and Fairest

Sam Woods - Under 15s - Third Best and Fairest

Obviously these guys are to be congratulated on their fantastic seasons with the Falcons.

Sam Wood's performance warrants special mention as his third place was attained on the back of just six games.

Sam had a very frustrating year with injury - culminating in a broken wrist towards the end of the season. If he was able to win enough votes to earn him third place in just six games, imagine what would have happened if he managed to play every game.

Let us also consider the performances of Akio and Roman. These guys are team mates - playing together in the same team.

As such, it's reasonable to assume that they would rob each other of votes and yet they were each able to accumulate enough votes to earn an award.

Mention should also be made of the efforts of a couple of other guys - Ollie Purcell from the Under 14s and Will Hart from the Under 12s

Like Sam, Ollie had a frustrating season with injury and missed a lot of games but like Sam, was able to accumulate enough votes in the games he played to earn a fourth place.

Will Hart plays in a highly competitive age group and even though he finished only 4 votes behind the winner, it was only enough for him to finish fourth.

Our girls had excellent seasons but when three players from the one team are in the running, they clearly rob each other of enough votes to win an award. Having noted that, Amelie Jessop was still able to manage a fourth place. An amazing effort from all our girls who are very new to our game.

All the above players can feel justly proud of their performances this season and can look forward to 2020 in a new team with a degree of optimism.









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