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First Semi Final - 19th August

Under 14s V Ivanhoe

The Under 14s took on Ivanhoe for the second time in two weeks.

The shocking conditions were always going to be a great leveler and so it proved to be.

The conditions and some creative goal umpiring tipped the scales in Ivanhoe's favour and the year ended for the Falcons

We congratulate our Under 14s and their coaches for making it to the finals and look forward to bigger things next season.



Round 15 - 12th August

Under 10s Lightning Premiership

We welcomed all the teams from our Under 10s Division to Gordon Barnard for the annual Under 10s Lightning Premiership.

Our guys did okay but didn't make the Grand Final. Kew Comets proved to be the best team closely followed by Doncaster.

All our youngsters had a great time - playing in three separate games.

These photos are a few shots of our team.



Round 13 - 29th July

Under 14s V St Marys T

It was cold and windy when the U14s took on St Marys T but at least the sun was shining.

We began the day with Ollie Nelson celebrating his 100th game and finished with a comprehensive victory and a certain spot in this year's final series.



Round 13 - 29th July

Under 8s V Kew Rovers B

The Under 8s took on Kew Rovers at their home ground - Stradbroke Park.

The weather was cold and blustery but fortunately, the rain held off.

In a fairly even contest, the Under 8s showed that they have have some talented youngsters who will turn into pretty good players before too long.



Round 12 - 22nd July

Under 10s V Brunswick P

The Under 10s started with the wind and were able to open a first quarter lead.

From there they never looked back and went on to win by a healthy margin.

Liam Cullen played an excellent game but there were many others.

The Under 10s look primed for the Lightning Premiership to be played here in three weeks time.

We finish up with Lachlan Miritis of the U13s breaking his banner - celebrating his 50th game.



Round 11 - 15th July

Under 11s V Hawthorn Citizens A

We started off with a banner for Jackson Ong and then battled Hawthorn and the wind.

Hawthorn started with the wind and built up a big lead which our guys were never going to overcome.

There were moments of individual brilliance but the game was something less than memorable from our point of view.

We finish up with Will Grybas of the U12s breaking his banner - celebrating his 50th game.



Round 10 - 24th June

Under 13s V Camberwell

We started off with banners for Kaden Wong (U12s) and Jason Wirth (U13s) and from there everything was fairly ordinary.

Camberwell are a very good team at the moment and have yet to lose a game.

Our guys tried hard but were never in it. There were a few excellent individual efforts but not much else. Fortunately we live to fight another day.

Heads up guys footy turns around very quickly these days.



Round 9 - 17th June

Under 12s V Banyule B

In spite of all the rain overnight and in the morning the surface of Gordon Barnard was next to perfect for our Under 12s match against Banyule.

The game was close throughout with never more than a handful of points between the teams.

Banyule looked to have the game won in the last term but the Falcons kept at it and were able to slot a couple of goals in the dying minutes to snatch a hard fought victory.

The Under 12s are to be congratulated on their win - it wasn't easy but they got there in the end.



Round 8 - 3rd June

Under 10s V Kew Comets 3

The Under 10s battled it out in very cold and foggy conditions against the Comets.

Our guys got off to great start - keeping the Comets scoreless for the first half, then they just stopped.

Our team is generally composed of little guys who rely on their running ability whereas Kew have some big fellows. In the end, our players ran out of puff.

Maybe our guys will make up for it in the Lightning Premiership in Round 15.

We finish with Under 11s player - Wll Hart breaking the banner for his 50th Game.



Falcons Social Night - Saturday 26th May

The Mums & Dads have their turn.

We could say that this is a collection of people behaving badly but the reality is - they wern't.

It was a great night with a great band who made a lot of noise and everyone had a lot of fun.

If you missed out, make sure you don't next year.



Round 7 - 27th May

Under 11s V Park Orchards B - Sharks

The Under 11s took on the Park Orchards Sharks on a perfect day for footy.

The Sharks kicked the first couple of goals but after that our guys settled and went on to a relatively comfortable victory.

The team is starting to click under David and Michael's guidance and are rising up the ladder at the right time.

With a bit of luck, they may make the finals.


Round 7 - 27th May

Under 12 Girls V Canterbury

A few shots of our girls.

Slowly but surely our girls are building a team. We welcomed Halle Henson to our ranks for her very first game and for the first time we had enough girls to actually play a real game.

We look forward to this team's continued growth over the coming weeks and hope add more girls teams next year.

Well done girls



Round 6 - 20th May

Under 9s V Camberwell Sharks

The Under 9s took on the Camberwell Sharks at Gordon Barnard.

Although they were missing a few players - who were helping the Under 10s, they made a pretty good account of themselves in what turned out to be a pretty even game.

The morning was dark and very overcast which made it difficult to photograph but the guys had a great time.

Next week it's off to their special day at League Headquarters.



Round 5 - 13th May

Under 11s V Ashburton B

After a huge win in the first round our Under 11s have struggled a bit but today they were terrific.

The game was a very even tussle with our opponents taking marks everywhere and our little guys 'running riot' when the ball hit the ground.

In the end, pace won out and our guys recorded their second win for the season. Congratulations to both teams for an excellent game played in excellent spirits.



Round 5 - 13th May

Under 12 Girls V Fitzroy W

For the second week in a row, our girls played a home game at Gordon Barnard.

As in previous weeks, our numbers were down but the girls'recruited' a few of our opponents players and they proceeded to play a practice match.

As a result of our limited numbers, the match was officially a walkover with the points going to our opponents.

Regardless of the walkover, our girls' actually managed a win - their first for the season.



Round 4 - 6th May

Under 12 Girls V Brunswick

Our club achieved a milestone of its own today when our girls ran out for their very first home game.

The people behind our girls have left no stone unturned in trying to establish a girls' team after several failed attempts in recent years. We aren't quite there yet but there is 'light at the end of the tunnel' - finally.

Due to insufficient numbers, we had to forfeit the game to Brunswick but we did play a practice match which turned out to be an enormous success. Everyone had heaps of fun and after all, isn't that what it's all about?



Round 4 - 6th May

Under 14s V Preston Bullants

Based on Preston's performances to date, we expected a torrid day for the last of the grading games.

Torrid is exactly what it turned out to be. Preston were superior in every aspect of the game and clearly belong in a much higher grade.

Nevertheless, our guys tried hard and were able to match Preston at times but in the end, they were just too accomplished.

We finish with some shots of Colts player - James Seaton-Nichol breaking his banner to celebrate his 100th game.



Round 3 - 29th April

Under 13s V Camberwell 1

The reality of Gold division was very apparent to the Kew/Greythorn Under 13s today at Gordon Barnard.

Camberwell - Their opponents were bigger and stronger than anything our players had come up against previously - with the inevitable result.

Camberwell's considerable talent was on show and they demonstrated how much harder it's going to be this year as they inflicted another loss on our team.



Round 2 - 22nd April

Under 12s V Fitzroy 1

The Under 12s' disappointing start to the season continued - in perfect conditions.

Fitzroy built a large lead in the first quarter and although the Falcons came back at them after the break, the lead was too great to overcome.


Round 1 - 15th April

Under 9s start their season

The weather for the start of the season could best be described as 'Footy Weather' - not that the rain dampened the Under 9s enthusiasm.

It was only the first game but already the Under 9s are showing that they have stepped up a notch and are ready for the season ahead.









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