Frequently Asked Questions
When does Auskick start?
How long does it run for?

The Balywn North – Greythorn Falcons Auskick season starts on Saturday, 27th April 2019.

The final session for the year will be on 10th August 2019.

How do I register?

You can simply register online through the AFL Auskick website

Just enter ‘Balwyn North – Greythorn Falcons’ in the search field. Make sure it is that entire title as there is another centre called Balwyn North. You will end up at the wrong place if you register with them.


You can go to our Registration Page and follow the instructions there. (This is quicker and easier).

Registrations are currently being accepted.

What is the cost?

The total cost is $100.

Payment is made at the time of registration. With this you also get an Auskick welcome pack.

That is tremendous value when you consider the cost of many other sport programs offered each year to children.

When and where is Auskick held?

Balwyn North – Greythorn Falcons Auskick is held on Saturday mornings at Greythorn Park (Alpha Street, Balwyn North). The session starts at 9:00am and concludes at 10:30am.

Parents are encouraged to come a bit earlier to have a kick on the oval with their kids and even stay afterwards.

We also value your help so if you can come earlier to set-up, and even stay a little later to pack up, it is much appreciated. Otherwise it always falls on the shoulders of only a few.

What do my children wear – Do they need footy boots?

There is no need for families to buy footy uniforms or other clothing for Auskick. A lot of children will often wear the jumper of their favourite AFL team, whilst others will just wear a t-shirt.

We do play through winter so make sure you dress accordingly. Some children will wear something under their shorts, others just shorts. It is also recommended in the colder months a couple of extra layers on the top half that can always be shedded.

Footy boots are not required - players can just wear their sneakers. If you want to buy some footy boots then that is also an option. Footy boots do help prevent the children from slipping in the wetter months, but that is a personal choice.

If you go with second hand footy boots just remember to make sure they fit properly (hard to run and kick in boots that don’t fit).

In addition, always bring a drink bottle to each session.

How old can the kids be before they do Auskick?

The AFL website states that the program is designed for 5-12 year olds (inclusive).

At Greythorn we split our groups into a Kinder / Prep age and Grade 1+. The games and exercises are modified for each group to reflect their physical development.

Given the split up of groups the program is suitable for kinder (4-year old) age children and above.

In the grade 1+ we tend to have mostly grade 1s (6-7 year olds), with a few Grade 2s or 3s who might be very new to football.

We can also add another older group if there is enough demand, but we won’t know this until the registrations start coming in.

It is also quite common that most kids who do Auskick for a couple of years move through to junior football at the Falcons, which starts from U8s (children have to be 7-years by April in the year you play).

Please talk to someone at Auskick if you are unsure.

My son / daughter has never played football – does that matter?

No. We welcome the involvement of boys and girls of all abilities.

At Greythorn Falcons Auskick we focus on the children having lots of fun, while also learning important football skills at the same time.

We want all the players to love coming each week and be part of a team. In addition, we want them to develop a love of sport, and AFL in particular.

Football is notorious for its injuries. Will my children get hurt?

Whilst we can’t guarantee against injuries (usually minor), Auskick is done in a very controlled environment.

There is no tackling allowed in Auskick games and any contact is generally accidental. Inevitably there might be the odd collision, but we also aim to teach kids safe ways to pick up the ball and the importance of staying on your feet.

We also have trained first-aid officers on hand, but fortunately they don’t get called upon very often.

What activities do the kids do?

A typical session will include warm-up games for the kids to get themselves moving before moving into some development of basic skills (e.g. kicking, hand balling, picking up the ball, marking, running etc).

We try to structure the sessions around some key skills each week and tailor them to the level of ability within the playing group.

Coaches will then run some simple football drills that help further practice the skills learnt. We finish the session with a football game, using modified rules (no tackling, jumping on the ball etc). This is always a highlight for the kids.

At the end of each session we hand out weekly awards.
Throughout the year we also have a few special sessions or events. In the past couple of years this has included:

  • Combined sessions with other local Auskick centres.

  • Halftime game at the Box Hill Hawks (VFL) match. This is open to all ages.

  • One halftime game at an AFL game (this is, unfortunately, age restricted. The AFL has strict age requirements and so it is limited to the older players).

  • Richmond AFL player visit (sorry to the non-Tigers fans but this is the zone we live in).

  • Mothers’ Day competition (players vs the Mums).

  • Fathers vs the kids in the final week.

  • End of season presentations.

We are also part of the Greythorn Falcons Junior Footy Club, which is a fantastic community orientated club that hold BBQs throughout the year. All Auskick families are welcome to attend these too.

Do I have to stay and watch or can I just leave the kids there?

Auskick is run by volunteer parents. The success of the program relies on parent involvement.

We are not a child minding service and so parents should stay to support the volunteer coaches and children. If you do have to leave for any reason you must identify another parent in attendance, who is not a coach, to be responsible for your child. Please let the coaches know.

Also, it is fantastic to watch your children develop and become confident in their football so please, stay and watch.

Do you run it during school holidays or on long weekends?

We stick roughly to the school terms (Terms 2 and 3) and within the AFL regular season.

There are no Auskick sessions during the July school holidays (the coaches need a break too) and we also do not run it on the June long weekend.

You will be provided with a calendar of events at the start of the program that indicates when there will be no sessions and the timing of known special events.

Isn’t there an Auskick centre at Leigh Park (Bellevue Auskick)?

Up until 2016 there was a Bellevue Auskick centre run at Leigh Park every Saturday. At the end of 2016 it was decided that this centre would be closed and folded into the Balwyn North – Greythorn Falcons Auskick centre.

All families from Bellevue are welcome to come and join us at Greythorn in 2018.

Who runs the Auskick centre and who will coach?

Auskick is run by parent volunteers. It is the parent involvement that makes it a success. All our coaches are AFL accredited and have children in the program.

If you are interested in helping out, whether that be as a coordinator, first aid officer, a coach or general helper, then please contact us.

For first-aid officers and coaches we will also support your training in order to receive the necessary accreditation.

I have never played football and am not really into sport – does that matter?

This is not a problem at all.

We have many parents in the same situation and everyone is welcome.
In 2016 we ran a Level 0 coaching program early in the season for parents.

This was run by the AFL and was conducted at the same time as an Auskick session (so no separate time commitment required).

The Level 0 program runs you through typical skills learnt at Auskick to help you understand what we do and to build your confidence in having a kick with your kids in the backyard.

If there is demand in 2019 we will offer this again to parents that are interested.

I really want to learn more myself and help out. Is that possible?

Absolutely. The success of the program relies on the involvement of the parent volunteers.

We are looking for a new coordinator, but anyone also interested in being a first-aid officer, a coach or general helper are also welcome.

The centre will also support the training required for both the first-aid and coaching roles.
Please send us an email if you want to help out.

My child is really into footy, when can they play competitively?

Greythorn Falcons Junior Football Club is a fantastic, community focused junior footy club. The youngest age group is Under 8s.
Anyone who is at least 7 years of age on the 30th April is welcome to become a member of our football club and play competitive footy against other clubs. More information is available here.

If your child is younger then register with the Balwyn North – Greythorn Falcons Auskick today! It is a great way for them to develop and be raring to go when it is time for Under 8s.


Do you still run Auskick if it is raining?

Footy is a winter sport so we do tend to play when conditions are wet and cold.

In saying this, we operate to encourage activity and develop skills NOT to make our kids sick and unwell. So, we do not play in constant rain.

Morning weather at the park is usually pretty consistent. It rarely rains from 9-10:30am. In fact, over the past two years we have not abandoned any sessions due to poor weather (last year there was one particularly cold morning, but while numbers were lower we played on).

Mostly the odd shower happens and the weather blows over. If anything more than a brief shower comes along we will leave the ground and use the shelter of the clubrooms.

Who can I contact to get more information before registering?

We are more than happy to talk to you about the program and answer any questions about whether your child might be ready.

While we are still finalising the coordinator in 2018, you can talk to Ben Gursansky on 0410 653 255 or by email. Ben was the coordinator and an Auskick coach in 2016 and will be coaching the Falcons Under 9s in 2018. He is also a committee member for the Falcons responsible for Auskick and junior age group development.










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