YJFL Best & Fairest Players

Yarra Junior Football League

YJFL Award winner - 2019 Season


Sam Woods

YJFL Third Best & Fairest

Under 15 Team - Section 3

This award follows on from his Best & Fairest award last year and his two third placings over the two seasons prior to that.

Sam has always been his team's highest achiever but hasn't always had the best of luck with injuries.

His third placing this year is remarkable as he only played five full games. The rest of the time he was unavailable due to injuries - yet again.

It's anyone's guess what might have been had injuries not intervened.



Roman Didelis

YJFL Equal Runner-Up Best & Fairest

Under 13 Team - Blue Division

Roman is one of the prime movers of his team.

Roman is blessed with a high degree of ability to compliment his height and his long hair makes him instantly recognisable.

Had an excellent season but wouldn't have been helped by having another award winner in his team to compete for votes.



Akio Wongko

YJFL Equal Third Best & Fairest

Under 13 Team - Blue Division

Whether playing as a small forward or 'on the ball' Akio is a standout player.

Akio has been a stand - out player from the moment he joined us a few years ago. With silky skills and loads of pace, Akio is an exciting player.

Although he had an excellent season he wouldn't have been helped by having another award winner in his team to compete for votes.



YJFL Best & Fairest Players - Previous Years.

Greythorn players who have been the League's Best & Fairest player over the years since the League was formed.




Sam Woods

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 14 Team - Blue Division.

Apart from 2015 where he missed almost the entire season with injury, Sam has always been his team's highest achiever.

Sam appears to have no fear - he is always in the thick of the action - all over the ground, diving in where others 'fear to tread', amassing huge numbers of possessions.

This award follows on from his third placings over the last two seasons.




Ollie Purcell

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 12 Team - Brown Division.

Ollie is a genuinely gifted player and has been from the moment he joined us.

Ollie is destined to win many more awards in his career.

Our club regards Ollie both with affection for the person he is and with respect for his outstanding ability.




Matthew Exell

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 10s - Green

A popular figure when he was at our club - very clever and with very little fear.




Tom Cutler

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 15s - Section Two

Tom was always a remarkable talent and it was no surprise to him win the League award in 2004.

Tom went on to bigger and better things and joined the Brisbane Lions AFL team in the 2013 AFL draft.

At the end of the 2019 season, Tom departed Brisbane and returned to Melbourne where he became a player with the Essendon Football Club - much to the delight of his family.




Matt Dyson - KGU Colts (Kew Football Club)

YJFL Equal Best & Fairest

Colts - Section Three

When Matt won his award he was a member of our KGU merged team but was actually registered with Kew.

The following year however he joined our club as an assistant coach.



Dan Houston

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 10 - Section Green.

Dan Houston was a standout player even when he started playing with us as a youngster.

Dan Houston was selected by Port Adelaide in the 2015 AFL Rookie Draft.

Dan's career flourished with 'The Power' and and it wasn't long before he was upgraded to the senior list where he became a permanent member of the senior team.Tom



Adam Poulton

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 12 - Section Blue.

Adam played all his junior footy with our club and although he was always a great player, 2006 stands out as his best season.



Ben Sinclair

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 15 - Section 1.

Ben was regarded as the club's best player whilst he was with us. Three League Best & Fairest awards, numerous placings in other years and the winner of his team award almost every year he played.



Ben Sinclair

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 14 - Section Brown.

This was the second of Ben's League awards - to go with his many other achievements.



Sam Cust

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 11 - Section Blue

Sam is another of those players who won his team award seemingly every year he was with us. In 2003 he added a League award to his tally.

Sam played with the Box Hill Hawks VFL club for a number of years.



Ben Sinclair

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 12 - Section Green

This was the first of the three League awards that Ben won whilst playing with us.

He was to go on to become a remarkable talent picking up all manner of awards along the way.




Tom Roach

YJFL Best & Fairest

Colts - Section 1

Tom joined our club in 2001 from Richmond to play for our Colts. In those years Richmond didn't cater for Colts so he came to us.

The son of Richmond Champion - Michael Roach, Tom was an incredible player with an uncanny ability to be always on his own.

Tom was such a stand-out player that he won the League award even though he missed a total of six games for the season.

In 2002 he was Runner-Up in the League award - again after missing six games.

Like his father, Tom went to the Richmond AFL club where he played for three years before joining the North Ballarat VFL club.

Tom went on to play for Swan Districts in the WAFL.

He has now retired and has returned to Melbourne.



1999 & 2000

Ben Moody

YJFL Best & Fairest

Under 14 - Section Green

Under 15 - Section Green

Ben was the first of our League award winners. He won his award just two years after the League was formed. An excellent player - he was the engine room for his team and would later become part of a very handy duo with Tom Roach - referred to immediately above.








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