Player Registration


All players in our League, in fact all players in any league, have to be registered to both the club they play for and by extension to the league that their club competes in.

Registrations for boys & girls for the 2019 Season are now open and will remain open throughout 2019 or until such time as team places are filled.

If transferring to our club from another football club refer below for details of how to arrange a transfer to our club.


Please Note

We no longer have any vacancies in our Under 11/12 team and can not accept registrations for this age group.

We can however accept registrations in our Under 13s team which may be an alternative for any prospective Under 12 players.



Introduction to the Registration System

Since 2015 all registrations with our League have been processed using the "Footyweb" on-line system.

The following summary sets out what can be expected when registering a player or players with our club.


User Name & Password - Existing Players

Your user name for the system is the email address that you have used previously to register.

If you can remember your password from last year that will remain unchanged. If you can't remember your password - click the appropriate option when you visit the Footyweb web site.

If all else fails and you need some assistance please contact our Registrar - he will be able to steer you in the right direction.


Logging into the System

When you visit the "Footyweb" site, via the link below, you will be greeted with the Welcome Page. Enter the number of players you are registering and proceed to the next section.

If you are a returning Falcons player and you have already set your new password as per the instructions in the email noted above you should login using your email address and password and then proceed to the registration page.

If you are a returning Falcons player but you haven't set your new password (as noted above) just enter your email address and the system will search for you. If it finds you it will send login details to your email address which you then use to access the system and register.

If the system can't find you - usually because you are using a different email, and you are unable to log in, it will be necessary to contact our Registrar.

If you are new to our club and haven't been registered to play football previously you should enter your email address and pick the new "New Player" option on the next screen. The system will send login details to your email address which you then use to access the system and register.

If you are new to our club but have been a member of an Auskick group you will already be in the system. You should just enter your email address and select the appropriate option on the following page.


Instructions for those players who are, or have been, Auskick participants and are not, or haven't been, members of a club

Please note: If you are registering a returning player and the system can't find you - don't despair, this is usually because your email address has changed (or something similar). Please do not try and create a new account using different details. This will result in you being in the system twice and creates ongoing difficulties. If you send us an email we can correct the situation for you.


Transferring From Another Club

Please Note: Although it is possible to arrange a transfer during the month of November, our League are currently reviewing the rules relating to transfers and have requested that member clubs do not arrange transfers at this time. As such, player transfer will open on 1st February 2019.

If you are transferring from another club you should first contact our registrar before registering. Our registrar can be contacted on 9859 5829 at any time or by email at our normal club address.

We will arrange the transfer, after which you will receive an email from "Footyweb" advising that you can now log on and register as outlined above.



Beginning with the 2019 season, The League will be applying their fees and charges on a "per player basis." These costs will be added to all registrations and become payable as part of the registration process.

In addition to their normal fees, the League will also be providing an accredited First Aid medic for all games throughout the season for which a fee will apply.

The League Fees to be added to all registrations are:

League Fees

League Fee



League First Aid Levy



Total League Fees




Greythorn Falcons Fees



League Fee

Total Fee

Single Player




2 Players from the one family




3 players from the one family




Each additional player





In addition to the above amounts, all registration payments will incur a TG Sports processing fee of 3.9%. We have no control over this.

Please Note: The payments noted above are for a full season. As the season is well under way the League are offering reduced fees which come into effect after Round 7. Our club will do likewise.

It is important when completing your registration procedure that you do not select the 'Pay now' option. Just log out without going to the payment page.

We will caciulate the amount for your fees and email you an invoice based on the number of games left to play.



When registering families with multiple players, you should select the relevant number of players when you log on to the Registration site. For multiple entries the procedure will recommence after each player has been registered.

Important: To ensure that you receive the multiple player discount please register all players at the same time. If you register your family members separately, the system won't apply the appropriate discount.

If you are affected by this, please let us know so we can arrange a refund equivalent to the appropriate discount.

Please note: New members will be required to provide 'Proof of Age' in the form of a birth certificate. A photo copy is acceptable. Proof of Age can be submitted to the registrar at a later date.


Please be aware of the following information before registering.

It does contain some important details.


By clicking on the button below the applicant acknowledges and agrees to the following:

Club membership is made up of a Junior Member (registered player) and one Parent Member.

Players and Parent Members agree to be bound by and abide by the Club 'Code of Conduct'.

The President of the club is appointed as a proxy to vote as he sees fit on behalf of the member at any general meeting where the member chooses not to attend - during the current 2018 - 2019 term of office.

The member will automatically be added to our email distribution list. The member has the right to unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive our communications. We guarantee that you will no longer receive club emails if you unsubscribe. We don't recommend this action.

The club reserves the right to publish game and team photos of any player on the club web site or in any club or sponsors' publication.

Click Here to Register


Auskick Registration

There is a separate, special portal to register for Auskick. To go to our Auskick Registration page - click on the logo below.


We thank you for deciding to become associated with our football club for the 2019 season. If you are a returning player or family - Welcome Back.

If you are new to our club we are confident that you will enjoy being a member of our community - we do try pretty hard to make it one of the best footy clubs going around.

We take this opportunity, to wish you all the best for the 2019 footy season.

Click Here to Register







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