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The documents referenced below are for the assistance of team personnel. The documents should answer most queries.

Team Managers and other officials can download forms here as required for specific tasks in the running of their groups.

All documents are in PDF format which can be printed as required.



Ground Inspection Report Form

Instructions & Form. An alternative is the phone app - details at this location.

Footyweb Guide for Team Managers

Everything you wanted to know about the Footyweb System and what data is required.

Match Day Task Roster (Example)

An example of a suitable roster for allocating parent match day duties.

B & F Votes Form

Best & Fairest voting for League awards is the responsibility of the umpires and nothing is required at a club level.

Best & Fairest voting for club awards is normally carried ut using our on-line system.

An alternative to the on-line system is to complete this form and either hand itto Matt Purcell or scan and email it to Matt.



Help Cards

Boundary Umpire

How to run the boundary if you are feeling fit.

Goal Umpire

How and when to wave the flags when our guys (and the others) score.

Interchange Steward

How to administer the interchange gate and to make sure that we only have 18 players on the field.


Player Refreshments

We have to feed our little champs and keep them refreshed with drinks and things.

Risk Officer

This is probably not really a team task but team personnel must be responsible for their players' safety.

Scoreboard Attendant

You have watched the scores go up at the footy for years - now it's your turn.


Time Keeper - Under 8s & Under 9s

Time keeping for the youngsters is slightly different - this tells you how.

Time Keeper

This is how you keep match time. The next card tells you when to sound the siren.

Game Timing & Sirens

Now you finally get to make a noise - great fun this!

Umpires' Escort

We have to look after the umpires although we can't provide you with any weapons.










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