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The Greythorn Football Club we know today has existed in many forms for over thirty five years.

A merger of two local teams that played in the Doncaster District Junior Football League formed the present club. The Greythorn Balwyn YMCA Football Club (GBYFC) was formed prior to the 1976 football season after a joint meeting of the Balwyn YMCA Football Club and the Greythorn Football Club on the 23rd November 1975.

The new team played in Melbourne colours and were known as ‘The Alphabets’.

The original teams were:

  • Balwyn YMCA Football Club, which was formed on or before 1968. This club played at Hislop Park and was based at the YMCA which operated out of what is now known as the Balwyn Leisure Centre.

  • Greythorn Football Club which was formed in 1969 as the Koonung Football Club and first played at Greythorn Park in 1971.

It appears that neither of the clubs were very successful as the Doncaster League was as strong in those days as it is today.

2006 finally saw the breaking of the Premiership drought. On that day two of our teams were successful. The Under 14s coached by Collingwood legend Peter Daicos were the first.

Former Box Hill Hawks player - Sam Cust is in the centre.


1980 appeared to be a big year for the GBYFC. Firstly there was a name change as the ‘YMCA’ element was replaced by ‘Youth’ due to the closure of the YMCA. Secondly, the club was in a very strong position and was able to field ten teams made up of every age group from under 10 to under 17 together with additional teams in under 11, 13 and 17. Thirdly, the club won its first premierships – in under 11s and under 17s.

In 1987 the club transferred to the Hawthorn District Junior Football League and had to change its colours to the uniform we know today as Surrey Park also played in Melbourne colours. Having to provide complete sets of jumpers for the entire club proved to be a financial strain and was particularly annoying as Surrey Park Juniors folded in the following year. Nevertheless the club was able to get some return when we were able to sell our Melbourne jumpers to Surrey Park when they reformed in 1995.


The second of our teams to be successful in 2006 were our Under 11s. Current Brisbane Lions player - Tom Cutler is in the centre of the picture.


In 1993 the Committee tired of the lengthy club title and recommended to the annual meeting that the name be changed to the Greythorn Football Club. This change was accepted by the members and ‘Greythorn’ teams took to the field in 1994.

Greythorn, were one of the founding members of the new Yarra Junior Football League which was formed in 1997 from the merger of the Hawthorn and Doncaster Leagues. The YJFL is the largest football League in Australia.

In 1998 the club adopted the nickname of ‘The Falcons’ after being unofficially known as ‘The Thorns’ for many years.

The club celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2000 but sadly were unable to win any premierships to mark the occasion.



Old Logo

This logo was introduced when the club adopted The Falcons as their mascot. It continued for abour 5 years before being replaced by our current one

The year 2001 saw the formation of our new Colts team (under 17s) who, played their home matches at Gordon Barnard Reserve. The launch of the Colts team was an immense success, with the Colts being promoted to Section 1 after the first four games.

In 2006, Greythorn finally introduced a 'Tackers' team into the mix and for the first time were able to offer a complete array of teams to local footballers.

On the administration side, the Falcons gained Football Victoria endorsement as a 'Quality Club' - bronze in 2005. This endorsement was upgraded to Silver level in 2006 with hopes to go the final step to Gold in the following years. Very few football clubs in Victoria have been able to gain endorsement and it speaks highly of our performance on the organisational side of our business.


Left: Current Carlton & Port Adelaide players Jack Silvagni & Dan Houston just about to enter the ground for the 2007 U10s Grand Final.

Right: 2010 Colts premiership team - Our first ever for this age group.


Whilst our club has always fielded competitive teams, we were unable to win any premierships after 1998 until 2006 when we finally broke the drought with the success of our Under 11 team - ably coached by 'Coach of the Year' Neale Peters and our Under 14s under the guidance of Collingwood legend Peter Daicos and John Dinicolantonio.



Footy Record

The 'Footy Record' from the 1968 Grand Final Day.

Our club is mentioned as 'The Balwyn Youth Club'


It seems our club has finally got the knack of winning premierships. The wonderful efforts of our Under 11 and Under 14 teams in 2006 were followed in 2007 by our magnificent U10s who went through the entire season without losing a single game and who then continued on their winning way in 2008 to make it back to back premierships. This team under the guidance of coach Bill Thiel boasted a number of exceptional players two of whom are currently playing in the AFL - Refer AFL Falcons

Further success followed for out Colts 2 team in 2010 and our magnificent Under 11s under the guidance of Carlton champion Stephen Silvagni (SOS) in 2011.


The 2009 Falcons committee. To illustrate the manner in which committee personnel change, not one person in this picture is still a member of our club.


In 2013 we celebrated our first ever Gold premiership in the YJFL when our magnificent Under 11s Gold team completed a fantastic year by winning the Grand Final after heading their ladder for the entire season.

2015 was another successful premiership year. Although we fielded less teams than in previous seasons we were still able to bag a couple of flags - this time it was the U13s and our GDU Colts combined team.

The success continued in 2016 with the Under 11s winning the Green Division flag in their first year of competitive premiership footy. This team boasted a number of very capable players and although their success places them in a higher division, the club is confident that they will achieve further success.


2017 saw the previous year's U11s premiers do the same thing again - this time as Under 12s, and to really make it a special day, they were joined by the Under 13s who finally broke through after some disappointments in previous seasons.

The success enjoyed by the Under 12s will see them promoted to Gold division in 2018 where we are confident they will aquit themselves really well.


Many thanks to life member Bill Hooker for his research and input for this summary.








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