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Semi Final - 18th August

Under 15s V Doncaster

The season and the Greythorn Football Club came to an end today. We no longer have any team still in the finals and today also marked the end of the club.

Our Under 15s fought out the Semi Final with Doncaster and although our guys started well enough, Doncaster proved to be too big and strong and went on to a convincing win.

Congratulations to Joel Richards who played his 100th game - He becomes the last Falconsplayer to ever do so.

Refer the first few shots showing him breaking his banner.



Round 14 - 11th August

Under 12 Girls V Macleod

For the last Home and Away game for 2019 our girls lined up against Macleod.

The game was really a tune-up for the final series - beginning next Sunday.

Our girls did okay which augers well for next week's semi-final. Hopefully they can play this well again.

It took our girls a little while to get going but when they did they completely outclassed their opponent who failed to hit the scoreboard.

Congratulations to Tom McCarthy of the Under 13s who played his 100th game.

Refer the last few shots showing him breaking his banner.



Round 13 - 4th August

Under 10s V Fitzroy 1

Our Under 10s started the day in spectacular fashion - notching up a formidable score before the opposition even scored. Their first quarter was apparently the best for the year.

The day started off with Jonny Millar celebrating his 50th game (a magnificent achievement) and from there everything fell into place and ran out easy winners.

Their current form should see them do okay in next week's Lightning Premiership.

Congratulations to Jonny Millar whose 50th game was fantastic.

Refer the first few shots showing him breaking his banner.



Round 12 - 28th July

Under 12s V Camberwell 3

On a perfect day for footy our Under 12s faced off against the Camberwell 3 team.

Whilst Camberwell controlled the air in the first quarter our guys controlled the clearances and general play with their superior pace and agility.

This became obvious as the game wore on and our Under 12s had a convincing win.,

Congratulations to Jarred Costanzo who played his 50th game and he played it pretty well too.

Refer the first few shots showing him breaking his banner.



Round 11 - 21st July

Under 14s V Park Orchards

Our Under 14s Played Park Orchards Park Orchards in sunny conditions at Gordon Barnard.

Even though this was possibly the team's best effort for the year, they fell just a little short at the finish.

Park Orchards played pretty well and were the recipients of all the luck and were able to just pip our guys.

Congratulations to our guys on a spirited effort. Next week should prove to be a little more successful.

We finish up with Hugo Akse of the U15s breaking his banner - celebrating 100 games.



Round 10 - 14th July

Under 13s V Whitehorse Colts

Our Under 13s Played Whitehorse Colts on a cold and wet Winter's day at Gordon Barnard. Apart from the central wicket area the ground was in very good condition but the atmosphere was bleak.

The footy was close but the miserable conditions detracted from the game to some extent.

Our team got off to a great start but the Colts gradually wore them and ground out a narrow win.

Our team has struggled with numbers for most of the season and today there were even more players missing due to the school holidays. That obviously makes the task extremely difficult.



Round 9 - 23rd June

Under 12s V Hawthorn Citizens Abbot

'Under 12s in the Fog'

Our Under 12s took on Hawthorn Citizens under a thick blanket of fog. The fog was so dense it was difficult to see the length of the ground and boy! Was it cold?

The fog made photographing the game very difficult - resulting in some very ordinary shots. We apologise for this.

The Under 12s wern't too worried about the fog and the mud and went on their merry way - recording another big win



Round 9 - 23rd June

U12s Milestone Achievements

It was big day for the Under 12s who had no less than four players celebrating their 50th games.

The morning was absolutely freezing and the ground was totally blanketed in fog but the four boys celebrated their achievements in style.

The boys in the order they appear are:

Zach Wong
Luca Mallamaci
Harrison Millar
Benjamin Millar

The Millar boys shared a banner

Apart from the freezing conditions the boys had a great morning, made all the more enjoyable with a comfortable win.

We congratulate these guys on their achievements.



Round 8 - 16th June

Under 10s V Canterbury B

Our Under 10s fronted up against Canterbury's Black team on a perfect morning for footy.

Our team was clearly the superior outfit but were unable to turn their dominance into goals.

Nevertheless whilst they were able to do enough and ended up winning by four goals.

Our team has managed some pretty big scores this season and we look forward to them recapturing their scoring ability in the next round.



Round 7 - 2nd June

Under 13s V Canterbury R

Our Under 13s have been traveling pretty well but they came back to Earth against a resurgent Canterbury team.

On a day that should have been perfect for footy, the team appeared to be flat and were unable to play the way they have been.

Fortunately they live to fight another day and thankfully they still occupy top spot on the ladder.

We look forward to the next game.



Round 7 - 2nd June

Milestone Achievements

We had a lot of players playing their 50th or 100th game today.

This collection is a series showing them breaking their banners

The players in order are:

Floyd DiNicolantonio - U14s - 100 Games

Roman Didelis and Kane ingram U13s with a joint banner - 50 Games

Jarred Smith U15s - 100 Games

Greg Kerdemelidid - 100 Games

Liam Jaksch - 100 Games


We congratulate these guys on their achievements.



Round 6 - 26th May

Under 12s V Preston Bull ants

The wind made the conditions at Gordon Barnard difficult and our Under 12s were unable to adapt as well as Preston.

Neither team gave the scorer much to do and Preston were able to win after kicking just three goals - all of which came in the first quarter.

Obviously, it's going to be a little more difficult for our team now that they have been moved to a higher grade. They have shown however that they are able to handle it.

We congratulate both Liam Cullen and Kieran Soesanto on playing their 50th games. Refer the first few photographs.



Round 4 - 12th May

Under 14s V Camberwell

The Under 14s played the League's premier U14s team in what proved to be a one sided game at Gordon Barnard.

Camberwell are an enormously skilled team - arguably the best U14s team in the state and although our guys tried hard, they just don't have the class that the Sharks have.

The final result was pretty much what could be expected under the circumstances. Camberwell by a huge margin.

We finish up with some some shots of U15s players - Ben Carlisle and Harley Inglis breaking their banners for their 100th games.


Round 3 - 5th May

Under 8s V Richmond Y

For the second week in a row, the Under 8s lined up against a team from Richmond. This time on our home ground at Gordon Barnard.

It's great to watch the Under 8s - most of whom are just beginning to learn what it's all about.

Although most of them are very raw in their abilities, by the end of the season they will have improved an enormous amount.



Round 2 - 28th April

Under 12 Girls V Parkside

Footy returned to Gordon Barnard after an extended Easter break.

After paying their respects for ANZAC day, the Under 12 Girls got down to business with a reduced team due to a number of girls unavailable

Our team is very inexperienced and found Parkside very difficult to handle.

The final result was a good win to the opposition.



Round 2 - 28th April

Under 12s V Park Orchards

A few shots from the early part of the Under 12s game.

The Under 12s are going 'great guns' so far this year and have recorded two huge wins.

Not only did they kick an enormous score, they prevented their opposition from scoring at all.

Well done to all the guys.



Round 1 - 7th April

Under 13s V Ashburton G

The Under 13 kicked off their season at Gordon Barnard against the Ashburton G team.

In a closely fought game in windy but warm conditions, they were able to reward their returning but injured coach with his first win with this team.

We finish up with Robbie Coghlan of the U15s celebrating his 50th game.










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